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From Beauty Counter
to The Spa-Lon Empire


A Passion for
Skincare Sales


A Passion for
Skincare Sales

Before creating The Spa-Lon, Magdalene ventured into the beauty and skincare industry in the 1980s, promoting a range of skincare solutions for the company she represented at the Emporium department store. Her responsibilities included showcasing the company’s skincare series and delivering personalized skincare guidance to discerning clientele.

Magdalene’s profound devotion to skincare sprang from her earnest aspiration to aid customers in achieving superior skin quality and contentment. She derived great satisfaction from directing clients in preserving flawless, radiant skin and refining skin texture.

Shifting Perspectives:

Empowering Consumers

During her tenure at Emporium, Magdalene observed the insufficient quality of certain skincare products and the limited skincare acumen of numerous patrons. This realization transformed her perception of beauty product sales, evolving it from a mere commercial activity to a profound responsibility and ethical commitment.

She ardently believed that each skincare product directly impacted skin quality and appearance, with substandard or harmful items potentially exacerbating skin conditions.

This unwavering conviction bolstered her determination to reject the sale of any products that fell short of her stringent quality criteria.

The Spa-Lon Inception:

A Vision
Takes Shape

Magdalene’s principal objective became the provision of candid and unpretentious counsel to customers, elucidating the influence of each product on facial beauty without neglecting any minutiae.

Additionally, she dispensed tailored advice to cost-conscious clients, stressing a progression from basic skincare products to higher-tier options in accordance with their financial circumstances.

Understanding the Customer:

Challenges Unveiled

the Customer:


Throughout her sales career, Magdalene laid the groundwork for the beauty and skincare sanctuary she would ultimately establish.

In 1990, Magdalene commenced her entrepreneurial odyssey by establishing The Spa-Lon with a clear-cut motive. She recognized the challenges faced by many customers in skincare methodologies and processes, despite spending a significant amount of money on products. However, the results were not ideal.

“At this point, I firmly believed that the time was right to establish my own beauty and skincare center. The existence of The Spa-Lon could provide pre-care services to customers purchasing our product range, followed by guiding them on how to effectively use skincare products.”

With a commitment to customer service excellence, The Spa-Lon received enthusiastic welcome and support from our customers.

“During this period, I frequently attended beauty exhibitions in Europe and Asia, but what stands out the most was an encounter with Judith San.”

Judith San is an influential figure in the beauty industry. With Judith San’s support, Magdalene began the exclusive distribution of a range of skincare products developed by renowned beauty and nutrition experts from Hungary.

These experiences influenced and shaped her journey, contributing to the founding principles of The Spa-Lon.

“Today, I am still committed to providing excellent skincare services, with a sincere desire to enhance and beautify the skin quality of our customers.”


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