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Face Conditions

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Do you still remember the times when you don’t have to self-conscious when you smile or frown?

As time passes by, new occupants join the stay on the face. Inevitably, wrinkles will be staying on your face.

Technology, on the other hand, is your valued ally in fighting against their stay. What you need is a solution that will help elevate you to your best.

You’re in for more wrinkles if you had done these:

Smoking regularly reduces oxygen intake in our bloodstream which results in lesser nutrients supplied to your skin. This speeds up the ageing process.

It seems restrictive but regular use of your facial expressions to smile, frown or squint will cause wrinkles to develop earlier. Grooves form and spring back, under your skin’s surface when you use facial expression. As you get older, it tense up and doesn’t spring back as easily.

Sunscreen acts as a barrier that protects your skin against harmful UV rays. Not using it allows UV directly damage your skin causing you to develop wrinkles prematurely.


Have you ever felt embarrassed when people stares at you and whispers to their friends making comments. As much as you might not want to overthink about it, you find yourself super conscious of your skin. Has your skin conditions EVER stopped you from attending an event because you were unable to cover the conditions up using thick makeups.

If what you feel that is lacking is confidence, then what you need to know that there is a permanent solution to fundamentally deal with your acne conditions.

Acne just doesn’t know when to give it up.

It doesn’t stop because you are done with puberty!

Over washing will only end you up with MORE acne due to overproduction of oil that clogs up your pores.

You have to see it before you cure it.

They appear when you don’t take your makeup removal routine properly. So persistent isn’t it? Take a ground today and fight against acne!


Have you ever been made fun of because of a weird pigmented patch of skin on your face?

You secretly bear a grudge but you can’t seem to do anything. It won’t go away no matter how much you wash it and they won’t stop making fun of you.You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore, we heard you. We are here to tell you that everything will be okay!

Yes, you can also be proud of your skin! Skin pigmentation can be treated!

Why me? What is it? Why did it even happen?

It can be either caused by the increase or decrease in the production of melanin from your skin cells.

One of the main causes for abnormalities in melanin production is caused by UV light. When UV light is absorbed by your skin, it damages the melanin cells.

Behold the power of Mother Nature.

Age Spots

Age spot can be extremely terrifying. As the name suggest, it comes with age and it tells people around you that you are OLD. Worst part is that they ruin they don’t go well with make ups.

What people don’t know is age spots can happen to you, at any age! This is due to excessive exposure to the SUN! Do not look older than you should be!

Thankfully, there is a way to fade their presence on your beautiful face!

Yes literally anywhere. Most of common parts includes face hand shoulder upper back and forearms!

If you don’t love sun screen, you are in for a treat for age spots as exposure to UV rays has direct implications on getting it!

You didn’t read wrongly. Yes. You’re likely to get it faster if you have a fair skin and you let yourself get exposed to the sun regularly. It can happen as early as in your late 30s!

Don’t let age spots get in the way of your beauty and confidence.

Acne Scars

Are there times when you wish you could just polish your skin so that they can be smooth and creaseless? Afraid to stand out in a selfie/wefie pic because of your acne scars?

Research shows that in the work place or social circles, people tend to ostracised someone with undesirable skin conditions.

More often than not, products don’t offer you a permanent solution for your skin conditions.

However, there is a permanent solution for you! Both effective and immediate, see results immediately after your first session!

Know it better, better know it!

Many have the misconception that acne scars affects only the top most level of your skin. In fact, they deep within the layers of your skin where medications, creams and oil cannot reach and repair!

Not only will it hinder your skin’s healing process, it will aggravate your current situation as well!

Stand out the right way, confidently.

Dark Eye Circles / Puffy Eyes

Help! I don’t want to become a panda!

Have you been teased at for having dark circles and puffy eyes? Did they tell you that you could be the perfect cast for the walking dead? Do these dark eye circles and puffy eyes make you look fatigued and ill?

We can run through the entire list of causes and home remedies for eye circles and puffy eyes but it is long and boring while its effectiveness is non-guaranteed. What interest us is to get it fixed for you!

No matter what I do, it just doesn’t go away!

Not only are these proponents of wrinkles and breakouts, but they risk irritating your eyes too.

Pores, Blackheads And Whitehead

Are your blackheads and whiteheads haunting you? No matter how much you squeeze them, they just keep coming back in numbers. Don’t you wish for a smaller pore so that debris will not be trapped by them?

Singapore’s tropical weather is a major contributing factor to black and whiteheads on our faces. Pores are bigger due to the heat and the pollution is not helping.

But you have come to the end of worrying. A permanent hassle free solution is here! Black Vs. White

This can cause redness and swelling, early to avoid infection.

Uneven Skin Tone

The Koi fish is truly a beautiful fish with pretty skin tones to look at. But when it comes to us, we only want ONE type of skin tone.

Do you feel embarrassed when people look at you? Ever wanted/ wished that you were wearing a face veil? Uneven skin tone is one of the leading reasons why women are losing confidence in themselves.

99% of women believe that having uneven skin tone is permanent.Then you deserve to know this! Uneven skin tone can become a history for you!

Mature Skin/ Ageing Skin

“I wish I had baby skin just like her” Why is the term ‘’ baby skin’’ being used so widely? Our skin abilities are at its near perfect when we were born. As the years goes by, together with environmental damages, EVERYTHING depreciates. Mature Skin/Ageing skin is also known as SAGGY SKIN.

Come on, we all know how it feels. We have a permanent solution for you. No needles involved and non-invasive.

“How come will sag? ”

Have you been protecting it from the harmful UV rays?

Smoking dries out your skin and has been shown to increase effects of premature aging.

Redness / Rosacea

Does having rosacea keep you from feeling confident at work or in social situations. If your rosacea bothers you or has gotten worse, seek treatment now! It will help your skin look and feel better and also keep your rosacea from getting worse!

Common triggers are exercise, sun and wind exposure, hot weather, stress, spicy foods, alcohol, and hot baths. Swings in temperature from hot to cold or cold to hot can also cause a flare-up of rosacea.

Use a sunscreen that has SPF30 or higher. UV rays will aggravate your current situation.

Sensitive Skin

Do you feel like changing your skin away for a normal one? Do you wish that you can wash your sensitive skin away like dirt on your body? Have you being using products but all of them ended up leaving you with allergic reactions? Great news! Our treatment is perfect for people with sensitive skin!

What causes sensitive skin?

Having excessive exposure to the sun might leave you with sensitive skin too.

Dehydrated Skin

Contrary to popular believe, dehydrated and dry skin is DIFFERENT. Do you feel oiliness and dryness simultaneously on your skin? Does it comes and goes based on diet, environment or incorrect product use? If your answer is yes, chances are you have dehydrated skin.

Treatment for dehydrated skin differs from dry skin! Our strength lies in


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