Hydra-Blue-Plumping Moisturizing Treatment

  • 75mins
  • For Dry or Very Dry Skin

Give your skin a 60-minute moisturizing soak with record efficacy.
1 hour to give your skin an intense moisturizing soak: proven effects of comfort, radiance and plumping.

This treatment perfectly balances effective moisturizing and intense relaxation. It combines signature products with ultra-sensory textures and a very relaxing massage to moisturize and comfort the skin, which instantly reveals its natural freshness.

Marine immersion Make-up removal and enzymatic exfoliation Skin cleansing and detoxifying Hydra-nourishing facial massage Objective: hydration soak through the combination of serum and mask Application of Hydra Original and adapted eye contour



Skin is moisturized, plumped, velvety soft: 100% Features are rested: 100% Skin is suppler: 100% Skin has recovered its radiance: 100%

*Satisfaction test conducted on 24 volunteers who received a single treatment.

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