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Inspired by the acid peel, this light gel, aqueous serum concentrates all the effectiveness of glycolic acid at optimal concentration to offer skin a gentle and complete exfoliation. Upon application, the skin looks refreshed and visibly smoother. Day after day, skin looks smoothed, its texture is finer and pores are tightened.

A fragrance-free serum with a light gel consistency for quick absorption and easy application before a regular skin care cream. To apply morning or evening, 1 to 3 times a week.


Glycolic acid is the smallest and most powerful AHA* molecule, enabling it to easily penetrate the skin and effectively stimulate cellular activity. After application, it reacts with the upper layer of the epidermis by weakening the bonds between skin cells. This acid breaks the intercellular glue between dead cells, thus eliminating them.

Results: Skin texture is finer, the complexion is brighter, wrinkles and fine lines are blurred and pores are tightened.


Pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, naturally present in the body, is part of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF):

Improves the skin’s ability to retain water
Maintains an optimum level of hydration in the heart of the skin

Results: The skin is deeply moisturized, soft and supple.

Skin is smoothed: 96%
Skin texture is refined: 82%
The complexion is brighter: 82%

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