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A true triple-action protective shield, this daily cream preserves the youth of the skin with two high-tech ingredients that act against dark spots, free radicals and UV. Day after day, dark spots are less visible, skin is unified, appears smoothed and is better protected.

A fluid and comfortable cream without a “”white mask”” effect, to suit all skin tones and skin types. A light fragrance with fresh floral notes of jasmine and rose and an aquatic resonance.
It can be used in all conditions:
-Every day, at the approach of warm weather, after a peel
-Combined with your regular skin care cream, for touch-ups throughout the day

TR, recognized anti-free radical, stimulates the production of thioredoxin, antioxidant defense molecule naturally present in the skin, to protect cells from aging caused by free radicals.

Results: The complexion is evened out, the skin more radiant.

TRX, High-tech depigmentation agent, TRX specifically targets the appearance of dark spots associated with cellular stress by inhibiting the synthesis and export of melanin.

Results: Skin tone is more homogeneous with fewer dark spots.

SPF 30 sun filters effectively protect against photo-induced pigmentation and accelerated skin aging by absorbing the energy from UV rays.

Results: The skin has fewer dark spots and shows fewer signs of aging.

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