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Hairloss “Do you know that ATP-38 Lightwave therapy has helped many mothers restore their beauty and confidence after pregnancy?”

Major concerns of women during and after pregnancy

While carrying your little ones, your body is experiencing hormones changes. It is normal for new mum to complain about the unsightly marks appearing on their bodies, discovering increased strains of hair stuck on brushes, or experiencing discomfort in their bust area.  Do not be alarm! To allow you to have a better understand, we have put in place some useful information and tips.

Hair Loss

Post Natal Hair Loss affect up to 90% of women in the months following childbirth. This is due to changes to the hormone level at different pregnancy stages. The rise in hormones during pregnancy keeps you from losing your hair. After delivery, the hormones return to normal levels, causing hair fall and returning to the normal cycle. 

How ATP38 treatment can boost hair growth?

ATP38 helps to boost hair growth and treat hair inflammation. The treatment work perfectly with Biostimuline Hair Tonic (our in-house brand), which has high content of natural antioxidants and nutrients to boost hair growth! Spray some hair tonic onto the scalp and massage the affected area before treatment. This action helps improve blood circulation while boosting the immune system in fighting hair loss. Much needed moisture from the tonic nourishes hair cell. ATP38 programmed with Alopecia function, enables light waves transmitted from ATP38 to penetrate into affected scalp, boosting cell reproduction and renewal. The active cells will strengthen hair roots, shafts and strains. After few sessions, you will experience growth of baby hairs on the affected area. 

Let us help you regain your confidence

Motherhood has taken a toll on many women, as they have to adjust their daily lifestyle and handling of stress which they had never experienced. These challenges can be demanding for many women! Self-confidence may be affected due to deterioration of physical appearance.

Based on our values, The SPA-LON is committed to help every mother to regain their beauty and confidence, as they ease through the challenges ahead. Together, let us experience the joy of motherhood!

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