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Hydra-Blue-Plumping Moisturizing Treatment



Give your skin a 60-minute moisturizing soak with record efficacy. 1 hour to give your skin an intense moisturizing soak: proven effects of comfort, radiance and plumping.

This treatment perfectly balances effective moisturizing and intense relaxation. It combines signature products with ultra-sensory textures and a very relaxing massage to moisturize and comfort the skin, which instantly reveals its natural freshness.

Marine immersion Make-up removal and enzymatic exfoliation Skin cleansing and detoxifying Hydra-nourishing facial massage Objective: hydration soak through the combination of serum and mask Application of Hydra Original and adapted eye contour.

Aside from merely hydrating the skin, this treatment will also mildly fight aging by making use of its ingredients’ anti-aging properties.


Skin is moisturized, plumped, velvety soft: 100%
Features are rested: 100%
Skin is suppler: 100%
Skin has recovered its radiance: 100%

*Satisfaction test conducted on 24 volunteers who received a single treatment.


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