Have you ever been made fun of because of a weird pigmented patch of skin on your face?

You secretly bear a grudge but you can’t seem to do anything. It won’t go away no matter how much you wash it and they won’t stop making fun of you.You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore, we heard you. We are here to tell you that everything will be okay! Yes, you can also be proud of your skin! Skin pigmentation can be treated!

Why me? What is it? Why did it even happen?

1. Skin pigmentation refers to the decolourisation of your skin. It can be either caused by the increase or decrease in the production of melanin from your skin cells.

2. Not a fan of sun screen? One of the main causes for abnormalities in melanin production is caused by UV light. When UV light is absorbed by your skin, it damages the melanin cells.

3. Changes in your hormones also affect melanin production. Behold the power of Mother Nature.

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