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ATP38 with Joanne Ng

Joanne Ng: ‘Coz I value beauty over my life. I have to look for the best salon to treat my face and skin. My friends told me that I don’t look 51. More like 35 or 40, it surprised me.

Kelvin Chen: Wow. Have you ever been embarrassed by your own skin condition? What if I told you that we have a perfect solution for you? It doesn’t involve needles or medication and is as easy as turning on the lights.

Jonathan: You can find out more here.

Kelvin Chen: Wow. Have you ever been embarrassed by your own skin condition? Too afraid to leave home, maybe? We have just a solution for you. Look at this, this is Miss Joanne. She woke up one day with extremely swollen and puffy eyes. We had the perfect solution for her. It’s called the ATP38. The ATP38 is a device made in Switzerland based on technology discovered by NASA. To describe in simple words, this is a device that uses light to treat our skin, body and health.

In the 1970s, NASA discovered that cellular metabolism is revitalized by visible light. Cellular metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms in order to maintain life. It was from this discovery that the very first IPL (Intense pulsed light) treatment was born. The ATP38 offers a safer and more sophisticated approach. It is fundamentally different from a laser treatment or an IPL. LEDs are used to emit “cold” lights which do not have a heat source. So there is no risk of burning any skin tissue or causing the body any harm. The skin is our largest organ and consists of millions of cells.

Using eight specially tuned wavelengths of light, the ATP38 is able to reach each level of our skin and provide cells with photons or light energy. ATP actually stands for adenosine triphosphate. Just like cars require fuel and electricity, our cells use ATP as energy. This energy supercharges our cells and reawakens our skin’s ability to self-repair and regenerate. Each of these eight wavelengths, ranging from blue to red lights, have a specific action on your skin and body.

For example, Blue light (470nm) helps to control oil production while Green light (525nm) controls our skin pigment cells and provides a brightening effect. Amber (590nm) naturally boosts collagen production, so it helps the firm, lift and tense the skin. The Orange to Red lights from 620nm to 720nm and a strong anti-bacterial effect provide a very strong anti-inflammatory response and helps to boost energy in the skin cells at the deepest layers of the skin. Infrared (820nm) isn’t visible to the naked eye, but it penetrates the deepest and serves as an all purpose energy booster. The ATP38 uses all of these lights in unison to treat conditions such as acne, dark spots and wrinkles.

Kelvin Chen: Let’s take a look at Ms Joanne here. She had the misfortune of using unsuitable eyecare products and woke up one day with extremely swollen and puffy eyes. How would you describe your experience with ATP38 at The Spa-Lon?

Joanne Ng: ‘Coz I value beauty over my life and I wanted to have a nice figure. I presumed that product would slim my face. I never thought it would cause swelling. My eyes swelled up on the first day, I was so nervous to see my face. So I gave my friend a buzz. She led me to The Spa-Lon. I have been to many salons, but my friend told me this is the best. The treatment had real results. That’s why i followed her. I have full faith in ATP38 now. For just only three treatments, I have witnessed the difference. The light therapy made me younger. My skin is totally different.

Kelvin Chen: We have carefully designed scientifically proven protocols to treat serious skin conditions such as this or even Eczema and Psoriasis. These protocols allow light to target different levels of the skin, healing the skin from within. While similar devices exist, the ATP38 is the only one that provides effective solutions for the skin, body, hair and general wellness.

At The Spa-Lon, we use the ATP38 to provide treatments that are noninvasive, safe, effective, and with no downtime.


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