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ATP38 Interview with Yang Ming Na in Singapore

Ming Na: As an actress, my skin is often damaged by stress. The Spa-Lon’s ATP38 has exceptionally improved my skin texture. Look, don’t I look more glamorous now?

Presenter: The Spa-Lon invited one of Shanghai’s most renowned stars, Yang Ming Na, as our latest ambassador, makes an appearance in our latest campaign. To personally endorse and share her positive experience on the esthetic and therapeutic functions of ATP38. Ming Na played a large role in recent TV series, The Return of the Condor Heroes as Huang Rong, she matched perfectly with co-star Christopher Lee.

The production team worked against time, striving for obtain the best visuals to present to the audience and the advertiser. The production team also sees this rare opportunity to interview Ming Na about her close relationship with The Spa-Lon and experience with the ATP38.

Ming Na: Acting often requires the use of cosmetics. Even the best cosmetics contain heavy metals. It would certainly damage our skin in the long run. Along with harsh external conditions, sun exposure, irregular sleep and meals. Cause my skin to be dry, sensitive and easily inflamed. Stress from work, and external conditions bring damage to one’s beauty.

Presenter: This is Ming Na’s ATP38 story.

Ming Na: What a coincidence. A friend of mine recommended The Spa-Lon to me. I called them. Their consultant was extremely meticulous towards my skin. She concluded by telling me to go for “Light Treatment”. “Light Treatment”? The moment I heard “Light Treatment”, I thought of tanning. How would it help my skin? I held those doubts when I went to The Spa-Lon.

Presenter: The Spa-Lon has been using ATP38 for years. How did her skin react to ATP38 treatments?

Ming Na: I can only describe with one word, It’s Amazing! 10 – 15 minutes after, I looked at the mirror. The swelling and redness on the left side of my face subsided. Some smaller spots which were more serious on the right side remained. I thought it was a miracle and I was quite overwhelmed. ATP38 has recovered Ming Na’s confidence and radiance.

As an actress, my skin is often damaged by stress. The Spa-Lon’s ATP38 has exceptionally improved my skin texture. Look, don’t I look more glamorous now? Because I was so amazed, I especially asked the beauty consultant. And learnt that the ATP38 is a device made in Switzerland.

Based on Technology discovered by NASA. It is a device that uses various wavelengths of light, to revitalize cellular metabolism in our body and skin. Do you know that metabolism occurs in our cells? We used to think that metabolism only occurs to the whole body. But not for our cells. It is incredible. Light penetrates our skin and re-activates our cells’ ability to regenerate, improve and achieve quality skin.

As an actress, my skin is often damaged by stress.

Presenter: The ATP38 has allowed Ming Na to burst forth with confidence and radiance.

Ming Na: The Spa-Lon ATP38 has exceptionally improved my skin texture. A non-invasive, non-medication way to beautify your skin. Look, don’t I look more glamorous?

ATP38, the recovering energy of light. I recommend four major functions of the ATP38. Firstly, it rejuvenates dull skin on the face. As well as adding protection against dry skin while soothing inflammation. Next, it can help with slimming as it accelerates the fat burning process. Most importantly, it helps manage muscle and joint pain, Arthritis, and even muscle tears can be managed by light therapy. To reduce inflammation and aid healing the most critical part of our body, the head. For instance, Hair Follicle blockage, hair loss, scalp inflammation and such, can see a definite improvement. What I would like to day, the ATP38 is non-invasive and does not involve medication or injections to turn your skin “pretty-pretty”. Like me!

Presenter: After a day long shoot, Ming Na was once again feeling the ATP38’s effects. She posted on social media that The Spa-Lon has invited her to be in their TVC. It’s such a pity, the ATP38 isn’t in China! No needles, no medication, no surgery. The ATP38 is the modern beauty treatment you deserve!


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