“I have long held that in life, one can lose all the material possessions but never their self – confidence.”

Magdalene Poh

Managing Director


To provide quality products and reliable beauty care services and to satisfy the needs of our customers.


To be a trustworthy leader in the skin & body beauty care industry in the region.


Our Values, at their simplest, define whom we are and what we do, and can be considered the foundation of the success at where we stand now.


The SPA-lon will do its best to provide to a customer’s every need.


The SPA-lon continually strives to be professionals in its service and products, as well as in providing accurate and up-to-date knowledge to anyone who might seek it.


The SPA-lon does not concern itself with emulating the innovations of others’, but with providing the customer with new and never-seen-before treatments.


The SPA-lon will not compromise a customer’s well being by recommending sub-standard or unsuitable products and treatments to customers.

Company Overview

Building Cofidence To Flaunt Newfound Beauty

Based on the belief that one could lose all their material possessions but never their self-confidence, The SPA-Lon aims to build confidence in our customers to flaunt their newfound beauty.

Under close scrutiny from the media and public, The SPA-Lon has stood firm in the market by adopting an honest and deliberate approach in building its business model.

Being in a highly competitive industry, The SPA-Lon has put in place a solid business model that is governed by honesty and integrity. This has proved to be a winning formula as we have successfully raised the level of confidence among our customers. This accomplishment has put The-SPA-Lon in good stead in local and regional grounds.

We Strive For Innovation And Professionalism

The-SPA-Lon continually strives to be innovative and professional. Keeping a clean and tidy environment at the SPA is also held with high regard. Today, The-SPA-Lon has brought confidence to 50,000 members and created a strong foothold in the beauty and health industry. Since 1990, The-SPA-Lon has established itself as one of the leading pioneers in the field of beauty and skincare. Its devotion to building a streamlined operational infrastructure has seen The-SPA-Lon expand from a humble outlet to 5 outlets island wide, each sized between 2500 to 3000 square feet.

The First Beauty And Skincare Treatment Center

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, The-SPA-Lon became the first beauty and skincare treatment center certified to ISO 9002:1994 in year 2000 and also certified to ISO 9001:2000 in year 2003. Apart from that, The SPA-Lon also had achieved Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification in 2005. The success of The-SPA-Lon can be largely attributed to the commitment of constant innovation and application of new technologies.

Each year, The-SPA-Lon sends beauticians to various countries with the aim of keeping them abreast of the latest developments and technologies in the beauty and skincare industry. These countries include the United States, Paris, Italy, Belgium and Hong Kong. In addition, these beauticians are also sent for seminars and product trainings that are held by The-SPA-Lon’s overseas partners throughout the year.

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