Ms Joanne Ng

Because I sometimes value beauty over my life, Of course I have to look up for the best Beauty Salon to treat my face and my skin. My friends have told me that I don’t look like I’m 51,and more like 35 or 40, it surprised me.

I had tried a fruit-based slimming product, Because I am obsessed with beauty as I had mentioned, and I wanted to have a nice figure, I presumed that fruit processing slimming product would slim my face. But on the contrary, it didn’t and my face became swollen instead. I was so nervous to see my face so badly swollen,So I called a friend and she recommended The Spa-Lon. I was initially hesitant as I’ve been to many Spas and Salons before. But my friend proved me wrong this time. Hearing about the uniqueness of the treatment, I took her advice I have full faith in the ATP 38 and The Spa-lon now. I’ve seen the difference after just 3 sessions. The lightwave treatment of has transformed my facial texture completely. Most of all, before I started the treatment, my face was swollen, wrinkly, dry, scaly… and the swelling looked so horrifying. After coming to The Spa-Lon, the my skin is radiant and I feel so much younger.

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